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JUNE 1, 2020

As ladies of the Howard University Bisonettes Dance Ensemble, our goal is to personify the best attributes of the Howard woman while upholding the spirit and legacy of our university. The Howard woman is conscious of the social action that must be taken in order to enact change in the Black community. She strives to seek justice where injustice is the norm. She stands on a legacy of black visionaries and activists within the Howard community and beyond that continue to resist the racial imbalance of power. The Bisonettes are in complete support of seeking justice in the recent murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and countless others whose families will never see amends for the loss of a life.  We use the art of dance to convey meaning to our culture, but here we want to use our voice. The extended reign of police brutality and normality of death in our communities must be eradicated. Video evidence in the murders of our black brothers and sisters amplifies our outrage as officers in these cases almost never face charges. As Howard women, we must answer the charge. We must stand with each other and do the real work to enact change.



Members of our team have collectively decided to lend their names and donate their money to various organizations and petitions that are seeking reform and justice such as Reclaim The Block . If you would like to get involved and join the fight with us, here's a list of organizations to consider: 


Reclaim The Block 

Justice for Breonna Taylor Petition and Fundraiser

George Floyd Memorial Fund by His Brother

Minnesota Freedom Fund

I Run with Maud - Justice for Amaud Arbery Fundraiser

National Bail Out Fund - Free Black Mamas